Big Data - let your data grow
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Big Data - let your data grow
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Drilling Into The Value Of Data - The Customer Edge

How much is data worth? It seems like a silly question, until you recognize a really intriguing factoid: If you look at the financial valuations of companies that were built on data, like Facebook or Uber or Twitter, there’s a gap between the actual market valuation and their market valuation.
Tomáš Kuzár's insight:

With the kind of potential payoffs and efficiencies respondents are talking about, you’d be silly not to.

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Sifting for Eager Customers in Trove of Online Data

Sifting for Eager Customers in Trove of Online Data | Big Data - let your data grow |

There is nothing new, of course, about paying attention to customer needs and desires, but there is now far more data available — far less expensively — through Web analytics and customer-loyalty programs. Using basic e-commerce software along with free tools like Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster Tools, small businesses can perform sophisticated data collection and analysis that can help them compete with companies that have far greater resources.

Tomáš Kuzár's insight:

Even small business is about data. Online you are able to get the data easily and used them for tuning your business.

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